October 10, 2011

Going into Fall and the Centerpiece Project

So over the summer, I was commissioned to do a large scale project of centerpieces, all based around mythical creatures. 

Not only was I working on this project, but I also taught 3 classes and worked a number of jobs, so of course my posting of new work has been slow. At the end of August, I started moving, but due to some paperwork issues, I've only recently moved into my new apartment. I've been setting up my studio space and trying to get everything under control. 

Here is a work in progress shot from the project this summer, taken on my cell phone camera. This creature is the Sea Dragon, and his base needs to be completed in this image. A number of photos were taken of the completed centerpieces at the event but I am waiting on the photographer to process the images and the client to forward them. 

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