August 16, 2010


 Rodents of all kinds: Mice, Rats, Beavers, Chipmunks, Squirrels...

Cynomys, December 2011, Ink and Watecolor

Summer Class Wrapping up

This summer has been incredibly busy.  Shortly I will have a lot of work to post from my clay class.

I focused on Mustelids, creating a range of weasel like figurines.  Here is a small preview of the work I have made.

At the top is the fisher, Martes pennanti, followed by an American badger, Taxidea Taxus, with an Ermine, Mustela erminea, at the bottom.

They are displayed here in sets I made with plaster, acrylic paint, and Woodland Scenics flocking.

These are the smallest in the series, only a few inches tall and long each.  In a few weeks I will have had a chance to photograph all of the figures, including the larger ones, so hold tight.