June 18, 2010


Starting to build the Portfolio pages.

Adding things slowly.  I will only be adding work to the Portfolio Pages when I believe it is my absolute best work.  Sometimes I will upload things such as sketches and process work here, in a post, but for the portfolio pages I intend only high quality work to be exhibited there.  Blog contents will also be very short and focus around school / art / work / casual matters.  Philosophy and long rants will be posted elsewhere.

So on to more casual topics. What am I doing this summer?
This summer I am taking two classes; Form Development in Clay and Op-Ed Illustration. In Clay, I will be creating an extended series of Mustelids, and Op-Ed is a correspondence course where I will email the work to my professor.

I am also working 3 days a week in the computer lab at school. We'll just be doing general maintenance and prep work for the upcoming semester, as well as helping out the various summer programs that go through such as the Master's program and Pre-college.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I am volunteering at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard (located above the Harvard Museum of Natural History).  So far, I have labeled 4 skeletons and carried/vacuumed/cleaned several African buffalo skulls.  I am having a great time, and rumor is I maybe perhaps might be paid at some point after the budget proposal goes through... but even if I'm not, I'm very happy just volunteering my time and energy to an institution I love.

June 16, 2010

First Post

Move from here.

Going to try again. More people I know currently use Blogger than Wordpress, and I have a sneaky suspicion setting this up will become very useful in a few months.

I still like Wordpress a lot.

We'll see what happens.