September 29, 2010


Weasels and allies:

Badgers, Otters, Martens, Mink, Wolverines

The following group of sculptures were created in "Form Development in Clay," a class where we had to choose a "form" to work from.  I chose the family Mustelidae; long bodies, short legs, and a variety of personalities.  The photos were taken on two small sets I created from plastercloth and a variety of Woodland Scenics products.

Mustela erminea, July 2010, Stoneware

Taxidea taxus Cub 3, July 2010, Stoneware

Taxidea taxus, June 2010, Stoneware

Martes pennanti, July 2010, Stoneware

Ictonyx striatus, July 2010, Stoneware

Ictonyx striatus II, July 2010, Stoneware

Polecat vs Ermine, July 2010, Stoneware

Martes Vase, July 2010, Stoneware

Lutra lutra, September 2010, Pen and Ink; Watercolor wash

Perched Martes pennanti, June 2010, Pen and Ink

Taxidea taxus skull, June 2010, Pen and Ink (from life)
Veil, Fall 2010, Needle felted wool, Foam core, Acrylic, Misc

Wolverine Blues, July 2010, Gouache

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